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Why Upgrade?

All computers whether PC, laptop or Mac get older and slower with time. Why, there are many reasons but these include component degradation/failure, software updates (with higher system minimum requirements than before) and we often ask more of them as our needs grow to perform additional tasks. Also the advent of new technologies such as Blu-Ray and other High Definition (HD) video content require more powerful computers to run on.

This doesnt mean you necessarily need to go out and buy a new computer, you can save a lot of hassle and money by simply upgrading your existing system. Most upgrades can be done without disturbance to your Windows (OS) installation, so you dont have to worry about losing data or starting with a fresh/unfamiliar working environment after the upgrade, just enjoy the improved performance!

Upgrades booked at the same time as PC MOTs (a perfect time to add some extra power to your machine) will generally be installed free of charge, meaning you only pay for the additional parts we add.

Please see the follow on page “What Can I Upgrade?” for further reading on this topic.