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28th January 2023


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What Can I Upgrade?

Hard Drive – If you are fighting a losing battle as your digital media library of photos, music and videos grows then simply add more space with an upgrade or second internal hard drive. In most instances we can use a process called “Cloning” to perform a seamless upgrade to your current hard drive. You wont even notice a change, other than you have loads more space that is!

Memory/RAM – Gain some additional “Multitasking” power and improve the overall speed and loading times of applications with a memory upgrade. Modern software, including photo, video and music editing programs can be very memory intensive so help lighten the load on your system by doubling or even quadrupling your current amount of memory/RAM. Basically the RAM affects how many tasks your computer can perform at once.

Graphics Card – Most cheaper systems use somethings called “Integrated” graphics. Basically, this means that a percentage of your overall computers power is used to render/display the images on your monitor. This can be a very intensive process and especially Blu-Ray and High Definition (HD) content along with bigger and bigger monitors, can mean your system will experience “choppy” video playback or jerky movement of the mouse or open windows. Adding what is refered to as a “discrete” graphics card can be a massive help in these areas.

Cooling – This might sound like an odd thing to upgrade, but we constantly come across systems which are running so hot they are crashing or shutting down and so noisely that they are unbearable to be near! There are very few moving parts inside a computer, but the fans in the PSU (Power Suuply Unit) and the fan which cools your CPU/Processor are two of the most important. Over the years the bearings wear out in these fans which causes them to run too slowly and to create excessive noise. Upgrading the PSU and the CPU cooler are two simple and relatively simple tasks which can make a huge difference.

CPU/Processor – This is main component which governs the overall speed of your PC, computer or laptop. Whereas the memory/RAM of your system affects the amount of simultaeneous tasks your computer can perform, the CPU dictates the speed at which these tasks can be performed. A very straight forward upgrade which can have massive benefits! Sometimes we must also upgrade the cooling at the same time to deal with the additional heat of a new CPU.