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28th January 2023


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What Are Networks?

Have you ever wanted to share files across mutliple computers, Desktop PC ‘s, laptops or Macs? This is where our network expertise comes in. If you have an Internet connection and a PC you are actually already part of a network, albeit a very simple on, and with the additional of multiple PCs, laptops, games consoles and smart phones we can sometimes be part of a much larger network we are not even aware of in our own homes and businesses. We can usually acheive this without any additional hardware/equipment or software and it can hugely improve the way that you work.

Maybe you want to use a single printer on multiple computers in your home? Again, this can be done without additional hardware/equipment or software on most modern systems without too much hassle.

Would you like a wireless network that is safe and secure that allows you to utilise the full mobility of your laptop around your home and even your garden?

There are so many useful things that can be done over a well set up network, below are a few more examples to whet your appetite:

Backup of multiple Desktop PC’s, computers, laptops and Macs to one local storage device.
Streaming of all your media (photos, videos and music) from one local storage device.
Use your games console (Xbox or Playstation 3) to view files from your PC.