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Technology Support

These days computers are’nt just the big ugly beige boxes we used to have hidden away under our desks at work!

Computers are inside most of the gadgets, devices and gizmos we all use every day such as Smart Phones, MP3 Players (iPods), iPads, iPhones, Games consoles and Tablet PCs to name but a few.

When you throw into the mix that fact that all these things are usually designed in one way shape or form to connect or “Interface” with other devices and/or PCs and Laptops it can all get very confusing.

Here at Blue I.T we can help and advise on all these things and help get you up and running with your exciting new toy in no time. From connecting or “pairing” your In Car Bluetooth system to your phone or getting files and contacts from your iPad to your laptop we have a wealth of knowledge.

Nothing is more frustrating that having something which should be saving you time actually sapping your will to live. Get in touch today!