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Tablets, What’s All The Fuss?

Tablet ComputersNot a day goes by it seems without another enquiry about a Tablet PC. This is an interesting topic and one we thought it might be helpful to shed some light on.

Tablet PC’s (in one form or another) have been around for a long time. However, most would agree the current trend stems from the introduction of a certain product called the iPad! Developed by Apple, this product was an immediate hit with the masses due to its ease of use and the seemingly new concept of Apps!

Apps, now there’s a word. App is short for application, which really just means a piece of software designed to perform one or many functions. Apps in the tablet sense tend to be more focused then general software programs with just one primary goal, this makes them easy to use and quick to install. Think of a general piece of software such as a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome etc) which allows you to access everything on the web from videos, news sites to NatWest Bank’s online services vs NatWest’s mobile App for tablets, which only allows you to access NatWest Online services, nothing else. Simple!

iPads are not the only tablets though, and although arguably the most mature and developed product, offerings from other software developers do exist like Microsoft’s Windows and Google’s Android. These then run on a variety of manufacturer’s hardware devices, some examples below:

Android (Kindle, Samsung Nexus etc)

Windows (Surface, Dell Venue etc)

It is worth noting that not all the platforms have the same range of Apps and so are better at different things. If you want to discuss more about this, do please get in touch! In the meantime some things to consider!

Cons: Not a full replacement for PC or laptop at present. Limited printing options (without supported printers). Not great for typing long documents due to lack of physical keyboard options on some models. Not all apps are on all tablets. Small screen sizes.

Pros: Great battery life, incredibly useful when travelling for Internet and emails, due to portability and speed. Great communication and imaging options with built in cameras for photos Skype and FaceTime. Simple operation using Apps.