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Software & PC Tuition

Do you sometimes feel like you would like to know more about your Computer, Desktop PC, Mac or Laptop? Are you struggling to get to grips with emails, photo or video editing or writing letters. Worried you will be made to feel stupid or foolish for not understanding the basics?

No need to worry! One of our most popular services is the tuition of basic software and general computer usage to all ages. We wont talk down to you or use techincal jargon you can’t understand, we talk to you like an adult (or a child if you are one) in plain English. What Can Blue I.T Help With, please see a brief list below:

General Internet Use – Explaining “Browsers” and giving you information to stay safe!

Editing Photos & Video – Transferring photos and video from Cameras and adding music and titles etc.

Emailing – Outlook, Live Mail and Various “Webmail” interface can be challenging, we can explain them.

Word Processing & Spreadsheets – Getting letters looking good and basic spreadsheet equations.

PC Crash Course (Your PC Explained) – We can explain how your Computer works and give you some tips on safe usage and care.

Even if your software is non-standard, we can help. For just £30 an hour why not improve your computer skills today with a friendly and patient teacher.