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Software Diagnostics

If all the hardware diagnostics fail to uncover a problem we will begin to look at other potential software issues. This is a very personal troubleshooting process in which we will need the most accurate information from you possible to track down problems. The more information you can provide us with, the easier it is to track down software faults in a timely and accurate fashion.

A Few Typical Questions We May Ask You:

What was/is the computer doing at the time a problem occurs and what do any error messages say?

Does the problem occur when certain periphirals (cameras, printers or MP3 players) are plugged in?

A Few Typical Faults We Might Find:

Multiple Real Time Anti-Virus Programs – Causes very slow operation. We will remove unused programs and choose one to fulfill your anti-virus needs.

Viruses – Cause very slow system operation or cause other programs to stop running completely. Fixed by Virus Removal, please read the Virus Removal section from the Services menu for more information.

Rogue Internet Browser Toolbars/Plugins – Can cause unpredictable operation whilst surfing the Internet. Remove or re-configure as necessary.