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Wireless Networks

Wireless or “WiFi” networks have some special considerations that you need to be aware of, like security and reliability. Please see a few of our wireless network services below.

Wireless Security – Make sure you are using the safest and most appropriate method of wireless security to protect your personal data and information.

Wireless/WiFi Signal Strength & Reliability – If your connection is unreliable it could be due to interference or faulty equipment, even the contrustion of your house will affect the signal strength you can acheive. We can come to your location and perform a wireless site survey and check all your settings to improve or advise on ways to improve the quality of your wireless experience.

Wireless Printing – If you would like to be able to print over your wireless network there are various ways to set this up. Special wireless printers or traditional printers connected direct to your Internet modem/router can do this job. We can sometimes use your existing equipment, but if we cant we can advise, supply and install what you need to get this up and running.