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Desktop PC Repairs

Blue I.T offer a wide range of repairs for Desktop PC computers. We can advise on and perform all repair(s) to most makes and models of Desktop PC computer.

A few common symptoms and their associated repairs are listed in the tables below. The prices are estimated based on typical circumstances, please contact us for an individual quote. More information on our fixed price services can be found on our prices page.

Symptoms Repair Cost
PC Wont Turn On Replace Internal Power Supply £60 – £80
Slow Operation & Possible Crashes Replace Internal Hard Drive (HDD) £80 – £100
No Signal/Garbled Image On Monitor Replace Graphics Card or Monitor £50 – £160
PC Turns Off After A Few Minutes Replace Internal Fans/Renew Thermal Paste £40 – £70

We only use new parts for repairs which will come with a minimum warranty of 12 months. In some instances we may have to use refurbished or second hand parts becasuse of lack of availability or to keep costs down, we will always discuss this with you beforehand so you know exactly what you are getting!