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Data Recovery

So, you haven’t backed up lately or have accidentally deleted some critical personal or business files? Both are truly horrible situations to be in, but dont panic because Blue I.T can help.

Data Restoration (Undelete) Recovery Service: From £25 – We use state of the art programs to rebuild the accidentally deleted files or folders. This service can also be performed on USB flash/pen drives. The cost here depends on the sheer volume of data which needs to be recovered, please contact us for a discussion.

Basic Data Recovery: From £40 – We can remove your internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and copy the files to either DVD’s, an external USB pen/flash drive or external USB hard drive. This can be done while preserving the file and folder structure of your data so it is easy to find. Best for situations where you need data from an old machine which is beyond repair or you wish to get rid of.

Bad Sector Data Recovery: From £80 – If your hard drive has begun to fail (it may be unreadable in Windows or prevent the computer from loading) it may have multiple bad “Sectors” or “Blocks”. This is where a portion or multiple sections of the drive essentially become damaged and stop the drive working normally. We can run “Low Level” recovery software to rebuild and recover your files. Sometimes it is not possible to preserve the file and folder structure and you will need to re-organise the files yourself after recovery.

Failed Drive Data Recovery: From £120 – £200 Sometimes even if the hard drive seems completely inoperable, it won’t even turn on for instance, we can recover your data. All hard drives (HDD’s) use a circuit board to power the internal motors and take care of the data. These sometimes fail following power surges or component failure and can be replaced to allow recovery of data. Please contact us with your needs.