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Removing Viruses

We can diagnose and remove all infections whilst making sure you do not lose any data. We use a combination of powerful software tools along with our years of experience to offer you the best virus removal service available. We offer two levels of fixed price virus removal; Standard and Extended, please see below for a quick breakdown.

Standard Virus Removal £30 – The vast majority of modern viruses fall into this category and can be easily removed within Windows by standard software. These include fake or “Rogue” anti virus programs and simple browser “Re-Directors” .

Extended Virus Removal £50 – This covers more advanced viruses which hide deep inside legitimate Windows files and are much more time comsuming to remove. Some even worse viruses hide inside something called the MBR (Master Boot Record) of your hard drive, these require specialist software and knowledge to remove.

In some instances it may be cheaper and easier to simply back up your files and re-install Windows from the ground up. We will discuss this with you if relevant and our cheapest fixed price service or typical hourly rate will be applied. Please see our prices page for more info.