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Printers, Paper & Cartridges

Printer CartridgesAre you getting the best from your printing? Although the use of I.T is supposed to reduce our reliance on printed material, there are still some areas where we want to hold on to some physical output e.g. digital photos, certificates or artwork. However, we find many customers who are unhappy with the quality of the results and/or the life they are getting from print media devices. Here are a few useful tips.

Not all papers are the same and the type of paper used will make a huge difference to print quality. Make sure your choice is suitable for the particular application you choose; Standard Paper for non-critical documents, High Quality Matt for presentation documents and specialist Glossy or Matt Photo Paper for your cherished images is a good place to start! Similarly, adjusting a few simple settings can dramatically improve both quality and extend print cartridge ink/toner life. In your print options (usually in advanced settings) you can make sure your printer knows what paper type you are using and the correct amount of ink is being delivered. Typically, higher quality settings will use more ink, so if you are only printing text and basic graphics (graphs and charts etc.) try using the “Normal” not “High” or “Best Quality” settings.  Another useful tip is to select the option to use only the black cartridge if you are printing only black text.

We suggest you experiment with a few different sheet types and print settings to obtain the optimum results for your specific needs.

Remember, Blue I.T can supply all your printer consumables, from manufacturer genuine products to more environmentally friendly and high quality re-manufactured or compatible equivalents (backed by a two or three year warranty)for a wide range of printer makes and models.  If you have particularly specialised needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us and make use of our experience and knowledge.

Happy Printing!