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28th January 2023


Bude UK
Mostly cloudy
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Windows Update

Most of us using Desktop PCs and Laptop Computers run the Operating System Windows (XP, Vista and 7) which is made by the company Microsoft.

Microsoft are constantly being informed by users of problems with their Operating Systems and certain computers and their own development teams often find security holes, vulnerabilities or performance issues which need to be fixed. Occasionally, they may also add features that users request or that are in general demand to work with new products, all of this happens via updates and or combinations of updates called “Service Packs”.

These are often crucial for your security and smooth operation of the system and unless there are know problems with certain updates on your speicifc system we recommend being as up to date as possible.

We make sure that you are as up to date as you need to be to fix and/or prevent problems.

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