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HDD Defragment

The way in which your Desktop PC or Laptop Computer stores files on it’s Hard Drive or “HDD” (for Hard Disk Drive) is like a very complicated library system and/or filing cabinet.

When your computer is first built and the Operating System (Windows, Mac OS etc) is installed all the files are nice and organised. As you use the system and add, delete and move your personal files from one location to another, the files are no longer organised in the most effecient way on the Hard Drive and this can cause slow operation and loading times.

It is also important to remember that even individual files (particularly large ones like video) are made of many parts which all start next to each other but over time spread out and make it harder for the Hard Drive to read quickly!

Although modern Operating Systems attempt to keep all the files organised in the most effecient way in “Real Time” as you go along, they never do a great job of this and ironically this constant shuffling of files whilst you are using the computer can actually slow it down!

Here at Blue I.T we use special software tools as part of our PC MOT to re-organise the files in a far more stringent fashion to keep things running quickly.

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