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Hardware Diagnostics

After the Visual Inspection we use the latest “Low Level” diagnostic software which can check for hardware problems completely independently of the software you have installed. 

We test the RAM, CPU, HDD, Graphics Card, Motherboard and more for stability and errors or early warning signs of failure.

A Few Typical Hardware Faults We Might Find:

Overheating – Caused by failing or dust clogged fans and/or old thermal compound on CPU, fixed by cleaning and/or renewing thermal compound.

Faulty Hard Drive – The sooner we can attempt to recover data the better, fixed by replacement.

Failed Memory (RAM) Module – Caused by overheating or faulty component, fixed by removal or replacement.

If your system fails any of the hardware tests then we will discuss with you whether or not it is cost effective to repair the faulty component(s) before continuing with the PC MOT.

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