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Device Manager Clean

Fo every piece of hardware both inside (CPU, Graphics Card etc refered to as Components) and which you connect outside (Digital Camera, Printer etc refered to as Periphirals) of your Desktop PC or Laptop Computer the Operating System needs to add something called a “Driver”. A Driver is a piece of software (think of it as a virtual cable) between the physical hardware and the Operating System that allows the two to communicate freely.

Some software (Anti-Virus programs for example) also install these Drivers for so called “Virtual” components, which are emulated (faked if you will) hardware components!

Over time you may upgrade or change the internal Components, software and a vast array of different external periphirals every year, for example friends memory sticks or cameras! Add to this the fact that every USB port on your computer needs an individual copy of the software driver for every different peripheral and you can end up with hundreds of redundant drivers which hide in something called the “Device Manager!”

Rather stupidly PCs don’t like too many entries (especially not copies) and these copies are often hidden from view! This type of build up is often associated with errors and problems installing and re-installing software or peripherals.

However, with our expertise we can expose and remove them to keep everything running smoothly.

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