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New PC’s & Laptops

So the time has come to buy a new computer. Here at Blue I.T. we approach this in a slightly different way to everyone else through our “Value Added Supply” service.

We all know that the cheapest place to buy most things is on the Internet these days and the unfortunately reality is that local retailers are unable to compete on price. As everyones needs are so different when it comes time to buy a new desktop PC, laptop or Mac we dont hold stock of 1 or 2 standard models purchased at a discount in bulk to turn a profit. We tailor each purchase to the individual customers needs and use that as a starting point. No headaches or surprises. We take all the hassle out of buying and installing a new computer so you can get on and enjoy it.

So How Does It Work?

1. Get in touch, tell us your requirements, and we will pick out a few possiblities which we feel will suit you best. We then ask you questions that so often get forgotten when supplying a new system to make sure we get it right first time like:

“What Software Do You Use & Do You Have The License Keys?”
“How Do You Currently Connect To The Internet?”
“What are The Makes & Models Of Your Periphirals (Printer etc.)?”

Alternatively, you tell us which make and model you want and we can get it for you at a price as close to the Iow Internet prices of today as possible.

2. We purchase your new computer from the cheapest and most reliable suppliers on the Internet and take delivery at our office and check everything is in order.

3. We deliver the new system at a time to suit you and go through the initial set up process. We then get you connected to the Internet (if you already have Broadband or Dial Ip), install your printer and other periphirals (webcams etc.), transfer any files you wish from the old PC and finally give a demo of the new system.

4. We take away the old computer and securely destroy your data to save you a trip to the dump and give you peace of mind.

Our “Value Added Supply” service is also avilable for systems which you may have already purchased and need some help to get things setup correctly first time at a cost of £70.00!