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Mac Repairs & Upgrades

Apple Mac LogoBlue I.T offer a range of services for your Apple Mac Desktop and Laptop Computers. Apple Macs can require specialist knowledge and tools and we have a long history of working on these popular high end machines.

iPhones & iPads:
We can also help with the configuration of your mobile Mac smart devices such as Apple iPads and iPhones. If you are having trouble getting these to work with your PC or other Mac products, we can help!

We use industry standard and Mac specific software and hardware tools to accurately find the cause of your problems and advise on cost effective repairs.

Laptop or Desktop Mac starting to run slower than it was or running out of space for your music, photographs and documents, it could be time for you to consider an upgrade? We can upgrade RAM (Memory) and Hard Drives very easily with minimum disruption to get you some extra storage or a new lease of speed!

From software issues, like programs not starting or crashing all the time to general slow operation, we can help and advise. We offer both hardware and software repairs to Apple Mac laptops and desktops from cracked screens to faulty power supplies.

Prices for Mac repairs and upgrades can be a little more than Windows based PCs but many are still well worthwhile. Our usual prices will usually apply plus around 10 to 20% as a rule of thumb. Get in touch to discuss your Apple Mac needs.