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28th January 2023


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Internet Problems

Blue I.T. offer a wide range of Internet services for both ADSL Broadband Internet, 3G mobile/cellular data connections and those of you still using an analog dial up modem. So, what exactly can we help with?

Modem/Router Upgrades, Problems & Diagnostics – Are you having problems with slow Internet speeds, unreliable or no Internet connection? Then there could well be a problem with your modem/router. This is the piece of hardware which connects to your phone line and is responsible for turning that signal into a useable Internet connection. Sometimes these can get damaged by power surges or need resetting/re-configuring.

Modem/Router Surge Protection – Modem/Routers are incredibly sensitive devices and in our unpredictable Cornish weather can often fall victim to lightning strikes or other power surges down the phone line. Having the mains cable plugged into a surge protector does not protect the sensitive telecoms circuitry from damage and we can advise, supply and install a suitable solution.

Liaising With ISP – Your ISP or Internet Service Provider are often less than helpful when it comes to troubleshooting problems or getting clear and impartial advice. If you are less technically minded or feel like you are not getting the answers you want from your provider we can talk to them (with your permission of course) and cut through all the jargon to get the information you need!

Change ISP – Are you thinking of changing ISP, confused by the options or worried about loss of service during the change over? Let us help take the stress out of the process and discuss your options and configure or migrate any new equipment and or email accounts you need to change.

Setup Static I.P or Dynamic DNS – This can be necessary for Remote Access to your files, especially if you are using certain external Hard Drives, or Internet (I.P) Based CCTV Cameras.

Online Backup and Synchronisation – There are now many “Cloud” based file backup and storage options for both business and domestic users and we can help advise and configure these for your needs. We can even set these up to allow a virtual synchronisation of your files across mulitple Desktop PCs or Laptop Computers.