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How Well Connected Are You?

Communications CloudI.T connectivity (or more often lack of it) is an issue that affects many of our clients. Be it from your local PC or network to the wider world via the Internet or just on site between devices. When you think about the vast amounts of data we are now moving around between devices, all transmitted by weak radio signals, thin copper wires, fibre optics and/or any combination of these, it is amazing it works at all, let alone reliably so!?

Communications via wireless technologies, phone landline cables, fibre optic networks and satellite links all have their pros and cons (far too many for this article) and often people get caught up in how they can set these links up rather than asking; Should I, and is this really the best way??

Every communication interface (connectors, leads, sockets etc.) is a potential source of failure and as with any chain, is only as strong as it’s weakest link. If you are having problems reaching a server, syncing multiple devices, dialling in to remote access systems or better still want to avoid problems on a new installation, get in touch with us and we will do our best to help you “Make The Connection” solidly, reliably and in a well informed manner.

Oh and by the way, my free tip for you this month on this topic is as follows. Routers/Hubs (especially the free ones you get from your Internet provider) can have a tough time keeping track of the virtual co-ordinates necessary for successful data transfer to and between all your devices. If you are having connection issues, Internet or otherwise, try power cycling the Router/Hub. Yes, this means turn it on and off again!

This allows a small reset of certain parameters that can help get you back up and running again. In fact it is not a bad idea to do this on a weekly basis as a matter of course to stop problems creeping in and keep you connected!