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How Much In Control Of Your Website & Emails Are You?

Domain NameOver the last few months we have been talking to a lot of people and businesses about their emails and websites. It has raised a few interesting topics which I thought would make for an interesting article in our column this time.

People are often under the misapprehension that they “Own” their email address and website. This is only true in part and whilst you may own some of the content (not even necessarily the design) to make more sense of it we need to tackle the concept of Domain Names!

Domain names are the easily understandable way in which we direct ourselves to websites and send emails to one another e.g www.blueit-ltd.com is our domain name and our contact email is info@blueit-ltd.com.

Domain names are essential for professional individuals and businesses alike as they form a fundamental part of your online corporate identity. If you lost the ability to use your domain for both your website and email addresses, it would be a huge deal.

Domain names can only be rented (usually over a 1 or 2 year period) from the overall “bodies” that govern their use and this is what people often mistake for ownership. To further complicate the matter, anyone can be the registered keeper of a domain, but if it is a domain you have a vested interest in the registered keeper SHOULD BE YOU!

If it is not you, it could well be your Web Company (or friend), then you could lose access to your website and/or your emails at any time and be powerless to even get them back up and running again.

You can check this with a “Whois” lookup from many sites (look for the name on the Whois Record); try here:


Don’t get caught out, please get in touch, we can help get things setup as they should be….