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How Did I Get Infected?

We often get asked by people where they might have got a virus from. This isn’t always easy to establish on a case by case basis after the fact, but here are a few common ways in which people pick up Viruses, Spyware and Malware.

Most people have Anti-Virus programs which constantly run and monitor your files for signs of infections and therefore offer you a good level of protection. However, infections can come from a variety of sources which can easily outwit your Anti-Virus program, especially if your subscription has expired or you have not kept your definitions up to date. Here are some common methods of infection.

“TinyURL” links from websites (especially Facebook and forum sites). These are links to malicious software embedded on dubious websites whose true destination is hidden behind a shortened and renamed link.

Phishing Emails. A fake email from a seemingly legitimate company (such as a bank) asking for you to confirm your login details.

Internet “Pop Ups”. These may offer you prizes or controlled substances such as painkillers or other medications.

Peer To Peer (P2P) Sharing Or “Torrent” Sites. These sites are for the distribution of music, software and films, but are often used by criminals to distribute viruses hidden within the files you download.