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28th January 2023


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Food, Knocks & Drink!

Laptop_SpillWe’ve all done it – sat down at our keyboards with a nice cup of tea, coffee or wine, ready to check our email or get online, when – splash, the accidental spillage. We see many machines and devices that have suffered this fate, and needless to say most electronic equipment and liquid don’t mix well. Don’t despair! We can often recover the machine with a comprehensive strip down, cleaning and careful drying out. This helps prevent sugary and mineral drink residues which can cause corrosion of internal components leading to random and difficult to pinpoint failures in the future.

We have generally come to take for granted the perceived ruggedness of I.T hardware, but our simple advice is always keep food and drink well away from your computers and avoid prolonged exposure to damp or humid environments.

Computers in general should be protected from other accidental occurrences, such as knocks, falls and scrapes whilst laptops especially should be kept on flat surfaces, not perched on the edge of chairs and tables, whilst in use. Remember also, to take measures to prevent these issues when the computer is not in use. BlueI.T can supply suitable cases and protective skins that will help give you that peace of mind, so come and see us to discuss your needs.

However, if you are unlucky enough to suffer a spillage, bad knock or fall and the machine is no longer operational here are a few simple tips:

Do: Leave the machine OFF until you have spoken to a professional for advice.

Don’t: Use a hairdryer or start dismantling your device unless you are 100% confident you know what you are doing!

Liquid ingress, botched repairs and bad knocks can lead to Screen cracks, Keyboard problems, Hard Drive failure and subsequent data loss, so as always, keep backup copies of your cherished files and try to stay safe and dry!