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Flash Update Virus!

Flash Player Update Virus HackWe are getting a lot of reports at the moment of another wave of viruses doing the rounds relating to Adobe Flash Player updates/upgrades. If any of these pictures look familiar do seek professional advice at once as you have a problem which needs remedying.

We usually advise people to keep key software such as Adobe Flash and Java up to date, but because of this it is often a target for criminals out to make a quick bob or two!…

This is usual a simple “Re-Direct” Virus on the Desktop Computer or Laptop PC itself, which can cause loss of Internet access completely and/or open a back door for other malware or spyware programs to install themselves on your PC.

Another cause of this behaviour can be a router hack stemming from an unsecured password. Many people never change this password and this can lead to nasties being able to get into your router and make changes. You will know if this is the case as any device connected to your router (Home Hub etc) whether wired or via WiFi will have the same issue!

This often affects cheaper models of routers more, as they use less secure methods to store your password and keep it from prying eyes! TP Link have been very vulnerable to this and have even issued a worldwide firmware update to try and combat this.

If you have a TP-Link router and have any of these symptoms or have lost Internet Connection, please do get in touch. It is also possible that the firmware update will make changes which require your TP-Link router to be reconfigured or even replaced.

Both are relatively easy to fix though and we can help if you have been affected. Get in touch as always. See out Contact page for details how!

Flash Virus Update Hack

Router Flash Virus Hack