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General FAQs

Q. Do You Have Any Testimonials?

Yes, please see our “Testimonials” section to read both Domestic and Business customer testimonials. Most of our clients will be happy to speak to you if they have provided contact information.

Q. What Qualifications and Experience Do You Have?

Our main technician Robert has a First Class (1:1) BA (Hons) degree from Sheffield University. After graduation he was quickly employed by Budehaven Community School for 3 years working in the I.T. department. He then set up Blue I.T. in 2006 and has thousands of jobs under his belt and Blue I.T enjoy an ever growing domestic and small business customer base.

Q. How Long Will It Take To Fix My Computer?

Generally speaking, if we can not fix your computer within the first hour in your home or business premises, we will arrange with you to take the computer back to our Bude workshop for repair. For example, some of the Anti Virus and diagnostic software we use takes a very long time to run and we wouldnt want to waste your time watching it run!

A typical workshop repair (virus removal for example) will be done within 48 hours. However some services, like data recovery and hardware replacement can take longer. We will always discuss time frames with you before removing your computer.

We also offer a “Fast Turnaround” service for certain repairs, where your computer may be mission critical. This is subject to an additional fee of £50 including VAT if required.

Q. Do You Offer Maintenance And Service Contracts?

Yes, we can offer small business maintenance service contracts from £27 including VAT per month including VAT for small busininess customers. Please see our “Service Contracts” page for more information.

Q. Do You Offer Remote Support?

Yes, we can offer remote support over a broadband Internet connection to solve a wide variety of problems or help with tutorials. Please see our “Remote Support” section for more information.

Q. Can You Supply A Loan Computer If You Have To Take Mine Away?

Yes, we can provide a loan laptop (subject to availability) for an additional charge of £6 per day including VAT whilst we are repairing yours. We can configure this for Internet and email access and includes Microsoft Office 2007 software.

Q. If You Can’t Fix My Computer Do I Still Have To Pay?

We will always charge our Standard Diagnostic Fee of £12 including VAT to ascertain any underlying problems with your PC. However, we operate a “No Fix, No Fee” policy, which means if for some reason we lack the equipment or ability to fix your paticular problem you will not be charged beyond the Standard Diagnostic Fee. This does not include where new parts or software are needed and you chose to not go ahead with the repair.

Q. Can You Teach Me How To Use Specific Software Applications?

Yes, we have experience in a wide range of standard and non-standard software packages from word processors to digital music studio applications. We can also offer training on basic computer usage if you feel like you want to improve your skills and/or understanding. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Computer (Laptop & PC) FAQs

Q. My Computer Is REALLY Slow, What Is Wrong?

This is a difficult question to answer as it could be so many things. Common symptoms include virus infection, faulty or failing HDD (Hard Drive), improperly configured software or simply too much software loaded and running. Please see our “PC MOT” service for more information.

Q. I Think I Have A Virus What Should I Do?

If you suspect you are infected with a virus, spyware or malware you should contact an I.T. professional at once. These infections can seriously comprimise the safety and security of your computer, PC or laptop and potentially also put your personal files and data at risk. Please do not use the computer on the Internet or for any online shopping or banking and avoid social networking and email sites until the infection has been removed.

Q. I Have Spilt A Drink In My Laptop And It Has stopped Working, Is It Ruined?

Hopefully not! In many cases liquid spillages can be recovered from if the correct action is taken. Please make sure the laptop is switched off and the battery is removed. It is a good idea to then let the system dry completely by opening the lid and standing it on its side like an open book in a warm dry environment for 48 hours. After this you can try fitting the battery and powering up the laptop again.

If it turns on you should have it professionally dismantled and cleaned to make sure no mineral desposits left behind by the spillage damage the internal components. If any internal components have been damaged beyond repair, we can diagnose the fault and clean and repair as necessary.

Q. My Computer Wont Work. I Haven’t Backed Up, Have I Lost All My Files?

In most cases, No. All your files are stored on the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) which is one component of many inside your computer, Mac, laptop or PC. Unless the hard drive istelf has completely failed this can be removed and data recovered independently. Please see our “Data Recovery” page for more info.

Q. My Wireless Internet Connection Is Unreliable, What Could It Be?

It could be many things ranging from the construction of your house to other local wireless networks interfering with your own. We can come to your location and perform a wireless site survey to identify any problems and advise you on how to best improve the situation.

Q. My Laptop Screen Is Broken/Cracked What Are My Options?

Laptop screens can be replaced fairly easily, however the cost varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. A typical 15/15.6 inch screen would cost around £60 to £80 for the part and we offer a fixed price fitting service of £48. Alternatively, most laptops can be connected to an existing external monitor or some TVs if portability is not critical.

Q. Are Free Anti Virus Programs As Good As Paid/Subscription Ones?

It is important to remember that an anti virus program is only one tool in the arsenal of protecting yourself against infections on your computer, PC or laptop. The best way to stay virus free is to use the Internet sensibly.

If you download a lot of music and videos from P2P (Peer 2 Peer) or torrent sites and/or visit free adult sites there is a good chance you will pick up an infection which can side step the best anti virus program. Bogus emails and “TinyURL” links from social networking sites such as Facebook are another hot bed of virus activity so be wary of links that take you away from the main site or unexpected emails!

In our experience there is not a huge difference in the number of infections we see on systems with free or paid/subscription anti virus programs installed. It is certainly true that most paid/subcription programs often add some useful additional features, but simply as a real time virus scanner a decent free one should be adequate for sensible Internet use.