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28th January 2023


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Email Sending Problems

Email Inbox LogoStemming from a number of recent call outs and appointments regarding problems with sending emails I thought I would write a quick blog on the topic.

If you change ISP (Internet Service Provider; say you move from TalkTalk to BT) and have existing email addresses (dave@stevedave.com for example) you could find that your mail client (programs like Windows Live Mail and Outlook) are no longer able to send email messages. Oddly, they will still receive all your messages but lose the sending functionality which you rely on!

This is because email programs rely on two very important pieces of information to allow the flow of messages in and out of your Destop PC or Laptop Computer, these are your incoming (POP/IMAP) and outgoing mail server.

Whereas the incoming mail server settings are not specific to your new ISP the outgoing mail settings will be. This is because certain ISPs like to keep tight control about what you are sending from behind their Broadband Internet services and sometimes require you to alter your settings within certain email programs and/or authorise email accounts outside of their control before sending is allowed!?

There are far too many variables to go into in this short post, but if you think you are affected by any of these issues, or would like to discuss any email related problems, please do get in touch.