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Email Problems & Setup

One of the biggest Internet related problems we come across are email based. There are many places where problems can begin and we can both solve these problems and advise on future best practise for working with emails. A few key problem areas we can help with are below.

Email Client Set Up – There are many email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail and Mac Mail to name but a few. All of these offer a bewildering array of options for managing emails as well as contacts and even calenders. If your having problems or worried about archiving or back up of your precious emails we can discuss your options in plain English and get everything set up correctly.

Email On Multiple Devices – It is more and more common that people wish to access their emails from more than one device like iPhones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktop PCs. We can make sure that emails dont get “Stuck” on specific devices and that you are fully aware or how things like POP3, SMTP, IMAP and iCloud work and impact your email experience.

Webmail Tuition & Setup – It is also becoming more common that people do not use an email client at all, instead prefering to simly login to their providers “Webmail” service. Some of these are very good indeed and offer some distinct advantages whilst also sometimes offering the scope to syncronise contacts and calenders to your email client if you wish to have the best of both worlds. We can help with the setup and advise on all these matters to get you up and running.

Microsoft Exchange – Exchange is an advanced “Hosted” email, contact and calender service initially aimed at the business sector. However, with the advent of cloud based services such as Office365 for both business and individuals there is a compelling arguement for the syncronicity this service can provide for even the most basic user. We can help provide and migrate all your data to one of the many solutions available based on Microsoft Exchange and get you reaping the rewards!

Email Migration – When it comes time to change your computer, email client and or move between Webmail services it can be incredibly daunting to manage moving all your old emails, contacts and calenders between systems. Let us help by advising and performing these migrations for you so you get it right first time.

Advanced Email Setup – Confused about MX records, Google Apps, Office365 and how these things may impact on your email services. Want to change your email addresses to a new domain but unsure of the correct procedure? Get in touch and we can explain it all in simple terms and get things setup correctly.