Bude Weather

26th February 2021


Bude UK
wind speed: 4 mph ENE

Laptops & Cold Weather

As the temperatures outside plummet, it helps to be armed with a little advice on how to care for our mobile computer friends with Jack Frost nipping at all our heels! Laptops are designed to be run within an ambient … Read more ..

Keep An Eye On Your Hard Drive!

On average we see about 5 machines a week with Hard Drive failure. Every single file you care about is stored on this internal component and if you don’t have a backup then you could lose everything. Early warning signs … Read more ..

The Dangers of Computer DIY!

As computers become more and more crucial to our everyday lives we also begin to grow more and more comfortable around our new electronic friends, this can lead to the tendency to fiddle or think we can solve problems ourselves. … Read more ..

Local Area Internet Issues

With all the heavy rain yesterday we are seeing a large number of problems with Internet services in the Bude and Holsworthy area. If you are having problems connecting please give your provider a call and see if you are … Read more ..


A term used to describe a piece of software which runs on a computer to acheive unsavoury ends!