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26th February 2021


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A Sensible Approach To Software

What is software? Well, software is a computer program or application (often referred to as an “App” on mobile devices) that allows us to perform a function on our computer. The most well-known examples are probably Microsoft Word (for typing … Read more ..

Food, Knocks & Drink!

We’ve all done it – sat down at our keyboards with a nice cup of tea, coffee or wine, ready to check our email or get online, when – splash, the accidental spillage. We see many machines and devices that … Read more ..

Email Sending Problems

Stemming from a number of recent call outs and appointments regarding problems with sending emails I thought I would write a quick blog on the topic. If you change ISP (Internet Service Provider; say you move from TalkTalk to BT) … Read more ..

Windows 8 Upgrade

Windows 8 is now well and truly upon us and although we are still recommending Windows 7 as the best option for a lot of people, new machines with the last incarnation of Microsoft’s excellent OS are becoming a little … Read more ..

Printers, Paper & Cartridges

Are you getting the best from your printing? Although the use of I.T is supposed to reduce our reliance on printed material, there are still some areas where we want to hold on to some physical output e.g. digital photos, … Read more ..