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26th February 2021


Bude UK
wind speed: 4 mph ENE

ebay Hack !Urgent!!

ebay has confirmed that a large database containing encrypted passwords was hacked earlier in the year from one of their data centres! There is a possibility that the hackers will (or have already) decipher the jumbled passwords and could use … Read more ..

Campervan Clinics

Right! We mentioned this last year, but the day is moving closer to it becoming a reality! Our Classic VW Campervan “Rufus” is nearing completion and we are hoping to start Our Camper Van Computer Clinics this Summer. Basically a … Read more ..

Goodbye Windows XP

Well, the end is nigh – so to speak – as we wave goodbye to a trusty stalwart of the last decade (and more) in the shape of Windows XP! It is with heavy hearts that some will say farewell, … Read more ..

Flash Update Virus!

We are getting a lot of reports at the moment of another wave of viruses doing the rounds relating to Adobe Flash Player updates/upgrades. If any of these pictures look familiar do seek professional advice at once as you have … Read more ..

Tablets, What’s All The Fuss?

Not a day goes by it seems without another enquiry about a Tablet PC. This is an interesting topic and one we thought it might be helpful to shed some light on. Tablet PC’s (in one form or another) have … Read more ..