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Am I Infected?

Here are some common symptoms you may experience whilst your computer is infected. If you are at all worried, it is always better to get a professional to take a look to ascertain if a virus removal is necessary?

Fake or “Rogue” Anti-Virus warning messages from software you didn’t install. These can look very convincing, with some of the best actually impersonating legitimate Anti-Virus programs!

Warnings about huge amount of hard drive errors and/or viruses which are infecting your system from software you dont recognise. These “Rogue” programs will also often ask you to upgrade to the full version to fix these “Errors”!

Constant and unwanted Pop-Ups or Re-Directions to unexpected sites when browsing the Internet.

Very slow computer operation, especially when surfing the Web!

Your Anti-Virus program has disappeared, is no longer running or pops up constant errors.

Friends, Family and Colleagues complain of lots of nonsense (SPAM) emails from you. You might also be receiving a huge amount of SPAM yourself in your email inbox.

Icons for files and programs disappear without warning making you worry that you have lost everything!