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28th January 2023


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A Sensible Approach To Software

Software LogosWhat is software? Well, software is a computer program or application (often referred to as an “App” on mobile devices) that allows us to perform a function on our computer. The most well-known examples are probably Microsoft Word (for typing letters) or Internet Explorer (for viewing web pages).

These are obviously two examples of what we would all consider to be basic functions of any modern PC, but as time moves on most of us want to use software tools to perform more and more complex operations, synchronising music and photos between our laptop and mobile device for example.

These more complex tasks can often seem bewildering and as such computers users are taking to the Internet in order to search for software to ease this technical burden.

However, whilst there are some excellent tools available for most computer based problems/tasks, they are not all created equal. Many are provided free from dubious sources, which often contain hidden code to track your Internet usage, steal usernames and passwords or allow unwanted software to automatically install on your machine! This is not only a security risk but a lot of software running in the background on your PC will make it work harder and potentially much slower.

We are confronted with computers every week which are loaded with software for converting/downloading  YouTube videos, providing discount coupons or downloading free music and films. You can almost always be sure that the reason we see these computers is because their owners complain about problems with Internet browsing or general slow operation.

Think twice, if you don’t need it, don’t install it. If you are not sure, get in touch and we can advise on the beat and safest way to approach your problems! If it’s too late and you have software and icons all over the place you don’t recognise, still get in touch and we can clean it up for you. The difference can be incredible…